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We are a law firm peopled by exceptional legal minds with a passion for bringing the best possible legal services, compliant with the increasingly complex challenges of living and doing business in a technology-driven global village, to the very reaches of its clients.

With a combined experience of over 74 years of consistent, top-tier service delivery, we deliver first-rate, cutting-edge legal services via the application of strategic intelligence to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and comprehensibility in meeting the client’s needs. 


The soul of our practice is to afford every client the most efficient, effective and comprehensive legal services possible in the industry.The philosophy of efficiency aims to deliver these services within the shortest possible time so that a client’s need is met as timely as possible. 

Effectiveness aims to guarantee the utilitarian element of our service delivery, so that whereas the demands of the client are met timely, the needs informing such demands are fully satisfied by the services rendered. By comprehensibility, FORTRESS seeks to ensure that in its relationship with the client all that is expected of a robust counsel-to–client relationship is present.


Fortress Solicitors, due to its complement of young, dynamic and intelligent legal professionals will continue to adapt itself to the challenges of the modern law practice throughout the ever-changing 21st century and beyond. We will remain well poised to render efficient, effective and comprehensive legal services to our clients in the most cost-effective manner. 

By our ever-expanding, cross-border network of equally talented and ethical practitioners of the law, we will continue to expand the frontiers of global footprints in the service of our clients’ needs. 

The firm will remain large enough to offer in-depth expertise in both conventional and emergent areas of the law, while retaining the guarantee of personalized attention that its clients have come to expect and very well deserve.

Clients’ Testimonials

  • Godson Ugochukwu and his team are some of the most amazing, caring lawyers out there. I have known him and his colleagues both as a colleague and as a client. I can’t say enough good things. Honest, reliable, professional, and get the job done. They helped me with two separate issues and did it fast and in a very cost-effective way.
    Thank you, Fortress Solicitors!”

    Anonymous Client
  • Honesty. Integrity. Transparency. Partnership. With Fortress Solicitors, I got this and more. I’m always treated first class and like I am family. Excited about the future and a long and fruitful partnership!

    Anonymous Client
  • As a client of Fortress Solicitors, I must confess that the work ethic of both Partners and Associates of the Firm is incomparable. A highly recommended Firm, anytime!

    Anonymous Client
  • I have done a lot of transactions in conjunction with the Firm and I am constantly impressed and challenged by its enviable level of thoroughness, professionalism and lawyer-client relations. Astuteness and diligence are natural traits found in all associates at the Firm. You are doing a great Fortress, keep it up!

    Anonymous Client
  • “At Fortress Solicitors, I found the legal representation I was looking for many years. They did not only build a strong case but also they followed up and supported the case and myself all throughout. The Lawyers are talented, honest and experienced lawyers.
    They were available on a daily basis and responded directly to my questions promptly and professionally. They showed their best at all times. I would recommend and referred this firm to friends and family.”

    Anonymous Client